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AÑO 16 - Martes, 28 de Junio de 2022 a las 01:05:02 - Madrid (Spain-Europe)


Proceso de Trabajo (Working process). 150 works by Pablo Palazuelo in Bogotá
© Pablo Palazuelo
Omphale II, 1962.
Óleo sobre lienzo
Cortesía SEACEX
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Pablo Palazuelo (1915) is one of the key figures of Spanish art of the second half of the 20th century, though unfortunately he has still not won the international recognition his work deserves. There are a number of reasons for that neglect. First, the still precarious situation of contemporary Spanish historiography. Second, an excessively linear notion of abstraction, which begins with Cézanne and Picasso, continues with constructivism and finally reaches minimalism. That orthodox conception of modern art has meant that other kinds of practices and aesthetics, which had to do with the symbolic, have been partly ignored. Palazuelo is one of the people affected in this way. This exhibition, conceived as a retrospective, will be placing the emphasis on the more neglected aspects of his work.

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