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Interactivos?'09: Garage Sciencie. Technology, science, art, software, Biology...
Idioma:  English
Interactivos?'09: Garage Sciencie workshop-seminar is taking place from January 28 through February 14, 2009. This is an event that includes a collaborative project production workshop to develop selected proposals, an International Seminar, and the developed projects showcase (February 17 - March 22).


January 28
10:30 am - 2 pm
Introduction to the workshop and presentation of the 9 projects that will be developed. Work groups creation.
5:30 am - 7:00 pm
Presentation of selected papers (1st part)
5:30 pm
Marc Boada: Workshop and laboratory
6:15 pm
Tobie Kerridge: Material Beliefs
7 pm
Talk by Critical Art Ensemble: Garage Science

January 29
10:30 am
Presentation of collaborators
11:30 am - 2:00 pm
Presentation of selected papers (2nd part)
11:30 am
Taeyoon Choi: Urban Protest 2.0
12:15 am
Kirsty Boyle: Karakuri: Ancient Japanese robot craft
1 pm
Bronya Calderon: Towards an ecology of children’s participation: how children make meaning with digital technologies in informal learning enviroments
5:30 pm
Talk by Ricardo Domínguez: nano_Garage(s): Speculations about (Open Fabbing)
7 pm
Talk by Natalie Jeremijenko

February 3
7 pm
Talk by Adrian Bowyer: RepRap - wealth without money
(in English without translation)

February 5
7 pm
Presentations by workshop collaborators

February 6
7 pm
Presentations by Jesús Nieto and Paco Peralta: Moving objects, anatomies, and machines. First steps in scenic illusion mechanisms

February 7

7 pm
Presentation by Jean-Pierre Mandon: Pingüino

February 14

7 pm
Final presentation of developed prototypes

February 13
7 pm
Round-table with the participation of Anab Jain, Yashas Shetty and Sunil Sudhakaran. This activity is part of the ARCO'09 India program

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