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The New Museum presents Dongducheon: A Walk to Remember, A Walk to Envision
© Rho Jae Oon
Bite The Bullet!, 2008
Courtesy The New Museum
Viernes, 2 de Mayo de 2008   Nueva York, Estados Unidos,
With a population of 88,000 people, Dongducheon is a small city located between Seoul and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Because of its geographical conditions, surrounded by a wall of mountains and a stream running right through the middle of the city, Dongducheon has been a crucial military base of the Japanese imperial army and then the US armed forces stationed in Korea over the last century. Dongducheon has evolved through a long historical process and its history is full of conflicts and regrets, prosperity and downfall, despair and hope. What is crucial in these histories is the motivation and awareness of the issues by local residents who believe in the significance of these memories, histories, and narratives as something worthy of representation and documentation.

siren eun young jung
Born 1974, Incheon
Lives and works in Seoul
jung's photographs, videos, and installations recall people who exist among us, yet are invisible. The "invisible" are unregistered, undocumented, and unidentified individuals marginalized from the common vernacular language, and instead, have their own nonverbal counter-languages. jung's consistent endeavor is to identify and enrich the vocabularies of these counter-languages in art by questioning the ethics of representation and the politics of such collective sentiments as loss, agony, remorse, and sadness.

Sangdon Kim
Born 1973 in Seoul
Lives and works in Seoul
Sangdon Kim's work addresses socio-political and ecological issues through research-based, collaborative community projects in such contested sites as Seoul, Pyeong-taek, Yeojoo, Busan, and most recently Dongducheon. His projects address the effect of government policies and economic globalization on minoritized citizens and the creative potential of a society. Operating at the intersection of art and cultural activism, Kim creates a meeting ground where local communities, activists, and artists can engage in productive dialogue and provocative understanding of the area of focus.

Rho Jae Oon
Born 1971, in Daegu
Lives and works in Seoul
Rho Jae Oon produces meta-narrative with drifting images and sound archived from the Web. His work starts with meticulous research and the archiving of image clips and sound files, which he appropriates and recomposes into his own narrative. His narratives never directly describe a specific context, but allude to a context's socio-political issues. His final Web "publications" take the form of loose random sequences divided in chapters, often recalling sci-fi novels, and can be compared to contemporary literature, music, and painting.

Koh Seung Wook
Born 1968, Jeju Island
Lives and works in Seoul
Koh Seung Wook uses photographs, installation, and video for his conceptual projects criticizing art systems and conventional art practices. In his solo show "Please Honor Me with Your Attendance," Koh presented a text piece appropriating the gallery's rental contract. Since then, he has presented performance-based photo and video works such as Playing in a Vacant Lot and Triathlon, criticizing progress-driven urbanization and industrialization. Koh currently works as a director of alternative space pool, for which he is organizing a seminar series on autonomous civilian movements based on regional understanding and solidarity in East Asia.
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